Benefits Of Reading Surah-e-Kahf On Friday

Reading Surah-e-kahf every Friday has some notable benefits which are mentioned below. 

  • Protection against fitna-e-dajjal.
  • Showering of light on the face of the reader.
  • Sins of the reader are forgiven.
  • Allah will save you from Poverty.

Background Of Surah-e-Kahf:

Surah-e-Kahf is the 18th chapter of the Holy Quran. It includes 110 verses and 12 rukus. It is a Makki surah which means it was revealed in Makkah. Moreover, this chapter tells the story of followers of Allah and they are also called “people of the cave” and their hardships at the hands of the king of that time. They face hardships because they follow the path of truth. They ask for the protection of Allah and Allah protects them by falling them into a deep sleep (metaphorically) because Allah never leaves his true followers alone.

Virtues Of Reading Surah-e-Kahf On Friday:

Some of the benefits of reading surah-e-kahf on Friday are as follows

Protection Against Fitna-e-dajjal:

Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ said that in all insurgencies, (fitna) insurgency of dajjal is indeed the biggest. Therefore, a person who reads surah-e-kahf on every Friday will be protected against fitna-e-dajjal.

Showering Of Light On The Face Of Reader:

A person who reads surah-e-kahf on every Friday, Light (Noor) is showered on his face by Allah that will last till next Friday, and his sins are forgiven.

Sins Are Forgiven:

He who reads this surah on every Friday, his sins are forgiven by Allah.

Allah Will Save Him From Poverty:

The person who reads this surah, Allah will give him plenty of sustenance and will indeed save him from poverty.

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