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Free Trial Classes

Quran class have gentle and compassionate Quran teachers who understand how to teach the Quran to children;
An easy to use software that can be controlled by the tutor so young children can learn the Quran easily;
Safety – We have built-in tools to help Parents keep an eye on how their child is learning the Quran. Through 30-second video snippets which only the parent can access, Qutor lets parents keep an eye on their kids’ Quran lessons and progress;
Homework tools – After each Quran lesson, the tutor can assign homework to your child which is emailed to you so you know what is expected in the following Quran lessons form your child.
Your child’s path to learning Quran. If you want to register for our courses first you must take our free trial classes to satisfy yourself.

Finding Quran Class for yourself or for your kids but didn’t find any trustable place? Then no worries! We Quran Class brings the largest platform of online Quran learning for you. We provide you, “FREE TRIAL CLASSES” and after getting satisfaction from our trial classes you will continue with us. We believe from our services you will fully satisfied and will continue with us.

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