How to Memorize the Quran easily

How to Memorize the Quran

How to Memorize the Quran with the Help of a Quran Teacher

Quran, The Holy book of followers of Islam is originally composed in Arabic. In order to understand the complexity of the Holy Quran, first, you have to learn Arabic. Quran class Online offering the best Quran lessons learning platform for you. You can learn Arabic by doing a course or by surfing Arabic websites. As soon as you understand Arabic words you will understand the words of the Quran. Our Online Quran Teacher can help you in memorizing and understanding the verses of the Holy Quran. However, Memorizing Quran is not easy you have to put a lot of effort into doing it. Following are some tips for you to understand and memorize the Quran better.

How to Memorize the Quran easily

What are the things you should keep in mind while memorizing the Quran?

Memorizing Quran may seem difficult but it is not as tough as it appears to be. A competent teacher will help you to do your job. At Quran Class Online, You can Memorize Quran easily with the help of qualified and expert Quran learning teachers. Besides the good teacher, all you need is a faith and a bit of patience in yourself. The following are some tips for Quran Memorization.

Seek Allah Help: Ensure that your intentions are true. When you start there will be moments, you will lose motivation, turn to Allah, and seek his help. These are his word and he will teach you them. Never underestimate the power of Dua.

Say No To Unnecessary Things: Cancel all unnecessary activities. Find more time for Memorization and revision.

Keep Away From Sins: Take refuge in the name of Allah from accursed Satan and go on. Sin will prevent you from continuing your memorization. Pray five times a day and Allah will help you in memorizing Quran.

Find A Good Teacher: In order to memorize the Quran, you should find a good teacher who has knowledge about tajweed. He will help you reciting the verses properly and follow up with you.

Recite, Read and Repeat: Make sure that you recite properly with basic tajweed rules. You will have to recite a page you intended to memorize several times before you sleep and early in the morning. Repeat the page over and over again until it is memorized to you.

Set Time Goals: Set a goal for each page to memorize for example set a goal that i will memorize one page in an hour or according to your ability.

Check your progress: set a routine to check your progress in a month or a week. Don’t be disheartened if you cannot remember every single word. Increase your time for memorization and revision.

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