Importance of good manners

Importance Of Good Manners

Islam gives great importance to good manners. Manners mean your behavior when dealing with other peoples. If a Muslim does all his worship like prayer, fasting, and giving zakat but when it comes to dealing with other peoples he is rude or he does not keep his promises means his manners are not good he is not a true Muslim. It is not just about Islam but every society and religion emphasizes good manners. Dealing with other people in a better way will make our social life very pleasant. 

As a Muslim we believe that there is no one good in manners as Prophet Muhammadﷺ as it is said in the Holy Quran “And indeed, You are of great moral character”  Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said in one of his hadith about good manners “Nothing is weightier on the scale of deeds than good manners of a person”

Did you ever think that how Islam spread all over the world? It was because of the good manners of Muslim traders who traveled there for trade. 


Example Of Importance of Good Manners:

Islam gives much importance to good manners. Some of the examples of good manners are explained below:


Kindness To All peoples:

Be kind to all people, every good deed of a Muslim is charity. If you bring justice between two people it is charity. If you say two good words to your brother it is charity. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said to be kind to the weak, wife, slave, children and even to the animals. Don’t be cruel because Allah doesn’t like cruel people.


Telling the truth And Keeping Promises:

If a person wants to please Allah and his messenger Muhmmadﷺ he should speak the truth. Telling lies is the root of all evils, a person who tells the truth Allah will also protect from other sins.

Our Holy Prophet said that the one who does not keep his promise can’t be a true Muslim.  Our Holy Prophet said, “The person who has no covenant has no faith”.



Modesty is the part of Faith and faith will lead you to heaven. Rasoolullah ﷺ said every religion has it’s special characteristics, and the specialty of Islam is modesty.


Controlling Anger:

Anger is the trap of shaytan to break our faith. Anger comes from shaytan is made from fire and water extinguishes fire, so drink water to ease your anger or perform waddu. When angry if you are standing, sit down, if sitting lies down. It will help in controlling your anger. Allah promises that he who controls his anger I love him.


Avoid Backbiting And slandering:

In the Quran, Allah said “Oh, believers! Avoid many suspicions, ˹for˺ indeed, some suspicions are sinful. And do not spy, nor backbite one another. Would you like to eat the flesh of their dead brother? You would despise that!1 And fear Allah. Surely Allah is the Acceptor of Repentance, Most Merciful.  (49: 12)

Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ said, “Best Muslim is the one from Whom his Muslim brothers are safe from the evil of his tongue and hands”.

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