Learn to read quran with basic tajweed online

Learn To Read Quran With Tajweed

Nowadays modern technology has given us an opportunity to Learn to read Quran with basic tajweed online and teach online Quran more effectively. It is the best time for Adults and kids to learn Quran with tajweed. It does not matter that you are living in a Muslim or Non-Muslim country, or what gender is. You have the best opportunity to join the Quran tutor at Quran class online. You can start with us today and join our wide variety of Quran courses we are providing. Moreover, We provide courses from basic like Qaida reading to advance level like tajweed course, translation course, and Quran memorization course. We believe that, after joining Quran class Online you will be able to read the Quran in just a few days.

How to Learn Quran with Tajweed?

If you want to Learn to read Quran with basic tajweed online, learn tajweed, learning Basic Qaida is very important. Qaida consist of the basic rule and concepts of learning Quran properly. Learning the Quran without learning basic concepts and rules is not possible. Learning the Basic Qaida course will allow you to learn and read the Quran properly. Qaida is a booklet basically designed for beginners to read the Quran properly.  After learning basic Qaida you will be able to learn Quran tajweed. Moreover, We will provide you with our best Online Quran teachers to teach you tajweed.

In the first lesson, our teachers will help you to learn the correct pronunciation of Arabic alphabets. Then, in the second lesson tutor will teach you that how alphabets combine to make words. In the next lesson, the teacher will show you the signs where the student must read in high or low pitch. It is the way by which you will learn tajweed. Also, it is the easy way by which a student will learn Quran reading with proper tajweed.

Summary of Learning Basic Tajweed:

The tajweed rules are made by scholars and ulama. They put a lot of efforts establishing it. It was for the purpose of uniform recitation for every Muslim. Learning tajweed or also recite the Quran with proper Tajweed may not seem very hard if a person follows the following rules.

  • Professional teachers with good tajweed familiarity should be hired to learn basic tajweed rules of Quran.
  • Moreover, We can learn tajweed quickly if we use the authentic way through which we can learn Quran tajweed rules.
  • If a person wants to learn tajweed he must be attentive. He must be a good listener and listen to his teacher attentively when he teaches.
  • Symbols and signs for understanding the pronunciation and also usable to make the learning effective.
  • The student must practice every rule he learns. Practice makes a man perfect so as in practice is very important.
  • The Student must set small goals for himself every day. And with the practice, he will improve his tajweed.
  • The Student must-read a small section of the Quran using tajweed rules. This will help the student to read each word properly.
  • Moreover, certain words can be more difficult than others. A student must keep practicing it.

   Following the tajweed rules of The Holy Quran will help the person to please Allah and to receive his blessings.

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