Prophet Muhammad ﷺ: A Mercy For All Creations

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ: A Mercy For All Creations

As a Muslim, we are taught to love our Holy prophet Muhammad ﷺ. But do we know how much he loves us? Allah told us in the Quran in the first chapter that our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is not only mercy for Muslims but for all the humanity and also he was merciful towards animals and all the creations of Allah. He commanded us to not be brutal towards animals and slaves and treat them with compassion.

A Mercy For Believers: 

Muhammad ﷺ was mercy for believers. He did not want Islam hard for us. Do you know that the number of Salat in a day was 50 but it was made 5 only by the recommendation of our Holy Prophet? He prayed for us in every salah and saved his final Dua for us on the day of judgment. On the Day of judgment, all humans will only concerned about themself except Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ his only concern will be his Ummah/Followers. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ visited the sick and helped the poor. He never left a poor empty-handed.

A Mercy For Enemies:

Our Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was also mercy for the enemies of Islam. He commands us that don’t harm women, children and elder people, and crops even at the time of war. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ treated prisoners of war very kindly. Prisoners of Ghazwa-e-Badr who were the prophet’s greatest enemies were also treated very kindly and they were freed after taking fidya.

There was a woman who threw dirt on the Prophet ﷺ daily, One day she was not present Prophet asked another person where is she, he told him that she is ill he also visit her. After conquering Makkah he also has forgiven his enemies.

A Mercy for Women:

Before Prophet Muhammad ﷺ women were treated very badly. They were buried alive. Our Prophet ﷺ gave equal rights. He said that he who nurtures two daughters in a proper way will be with me in heaven. He also gave a lot of respect and affection to his daughters. He also said that heaven is under the feet of your mother who is also a woman.  

A Mercy For Children:

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was particularly warm-hearted and compassionate towards children. He would play with children and take them in his arms. Prophet Muhammad would even cut the prayer short if he hears the cries of a child. He also deeply loved his two grandchildren Hassan and Hussain. He called them the prince of Jannat.

Once Aqrah bin Haabis saw Muhammad ﷺ playing with his grandchildren he told Muhammad ﷺ that I got 10 grandchildren and I never kissed anyone of them. Our Holy Prophet replied, “The one with no pity for others is not pitied”.

A Mercy For Animals:

The compassion of our Holy Prophet ﷺ was not only for humans but also for animals and other living things.

He forbade us from keeping animals hungry and thirsty. He also ordered us that don’t put that much weight on an animal which is unbearable for him.

Abdullah bin ‘Umar related that the Prophet said: “A woman was cast away to hell only because she had withheld food and water from her cat and refused to set it free so that the cat might satisfy its hunger by eating worms and insects

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