importance of sadaqah in islam

The Importance Of Sadaqah in Islam

What Is Sadaqah:

The word “Sadaqah” literally means “righteousness”. In Islamic terminology, sadaqah means that you give something to someone without seeking reward for it and your sole intention must be to seek the pleasure of Allah. Sadaqah is not only when you give money or wealth to someone. One little favor you do to please another human is a sadaqah. Removing stone from the path, a few good words, and helping the weak is also a sadaqah. Another type is called “sadaqa-e-jariya” which means that the award of that deed you have done will be given to you even after your death. Like you dig a well, plant a tree or build a mosque/masjid. As long as other people are taking advantage of it you will be rewarded. The act of giving sadaqah shows the strength of faith of a believer. Islam gives much importance to sadaqah.

The Importance Of Sadaqah In Islam:

Islam is a religion of peace and peace will establish if all the people in a society are able to meet their needs. That is the part where sadaqah comes. By giving sadaqah we strengthen the well-being of poor people in society. It purifies the heart and soul of Muslims. Islam highly emphasizes helping peoples in need by giving them sadaqah and zakat. There is a difference between sadaqah and zakat which we will elaborate on in the next topic. 

Difference Between Sadaqah and Zakat:

Zakat is an obligation that every rich must pay once in a year while sadaqah means voluntary giving for the purpose of charity. Zakat is mandatory for every adult Muslim to give a certain percentage of his wealth to the needy people, on the other hand, the purpose of sadaqah is only to please Allah.

Benefits Of Giving Sadaqah:

Some of the importance of sadaqah are as follows.

Brings humbleness:

Sadaqah is the reminder that even if you are rich, you have not everything. There is something called “Quietism” which you can’t buy. It can be achieved by speaking a few good words to your brother and giving motivation to someone in a time of despair.

For the receiver of sadaqah, it is a reminder for him that the world is not perfect and sometimes you have to depend on others in your hard times.


Forgiveness Of Sins:

Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم said that “Sadaqah extinguishes sins as fire extinguish dry wood”. To seek the forgiveness of Allah every Muslim should give sadaqah. Allah promised that if you give anything in my path I will give you a reward 700 times more.

Sadaqah Bring Gratitude:

When you give someone something from your pocket it means that Allah has given you plenty, now that’s on you how much you spend in his path. Sadaqah brings gratitude and the feelings that Allah has given me enough and that I can also give it to the poor.


Things To Keep In Mind Before You Donate Sadaqah:

  • Give your Sadaqah in secret, it will save you from Riya. 
  • Allah accepts only that Sadaqah which you give from Halal wealth.
  • Charity begins at home. First, you must meet the needs of your own home and after that, you can give Sadaqah.
  • Don’t delay it. When you decide to give “Sadaqah”, hurry up.
  • The only aim of the Sadaqah must be gaining the pleasure of Allah.

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